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  • See that photo above? That’s me explaining the finer points of penis graffiti during a talk at the Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand. The bizarreness of that situation wasn’t lost on me. I was frankly astounded to be standing on the other side of the planet, talking about and pointing at photos of crudely drawn knobs. It felt, and in reality was, a ridiculous situation.

    How did I get there? An aeroplane, of course.  But, before the aeroplane a series of events had conspired to deliver me to that stage. 

    I began my professional life working as a news producer for the BBC and later as talk radio producer for LBC. After a late quarter-life crisis or an early mid-life crisis, I decided I needed a career change. I combined my love of wandering about aimlessly, photography and writing into a blog called Shit London which recorded some of the unintentionally funny sights to be seen around the city. 

    The blog became a successful book series published by Anova which included three books on London and two international spin-offs covering New York and Australia.

    The blog was archived in it's entirety by the British Library as part of their ‘Capturing the Digital Universe’ project who unexpectedly deemed it “essential reading for future generations”

    Last year I photographed a book called The London Tattoo Guide for author Tom Angell.

    This summer I've had the honour of two of my photos being selected by Grayson Perry and the Royal Academy selection committee to be exhibited as part of the Royal Academy's 250th Anniversary Summer Exhibition.

    Now I take photos and talk for a living.

    I still enjoy wandering about aimlessly.

    *If you would like to talk to me about photographic work, buying a print or anything else please use the contact form.

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