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    I have delivered talks and lectures on my SHIT LONDON  project for universities, creative agencies and talk events across Britain and the world (well, only New Zealand but that's really far away so...) - telling people the inspiring tale of how even the silliest of self initiated projects can take you to unexpected places in life. I have also spoken on social media, blogging and the art turning of blogs into successful books. I was also a regular speaker at the Guardian Masterclasses event series.

    Alongside those I have also performed special SHIT LONDON shows, which take audiences into a world of misspelt signage, opportunistic graffiti, terrible puns and bleakly humorous scenes from the city. They’re a bit like holiday slideshows…but less excruciating, slightly funnier…and with a LOT more photos of fried chicken shops.

    If you would like to make an enquiry about me talking at your event please use the CONTACT page.

    I have spoken at:

    The Guardian, Guardian Masterclasses, Central St Martins – University of the Arts London, Shoreditch House, Tower of London, Auckland Museum of Art, Wilderness Festival, London Photomonth, Fitch Brand Consultancy, Portsmouth University, Cheltenham University, Kingston University…and more.


    “Very honoured to have Patrick Dalton (Shit London) in the house. Very eloquent and funny”

     – Fitch Brand Consultancy

    “Patrick Dalton was utterly hilarious. Really interesting to see how Shit London grew

    Amy Jones

    “Thank you for such an interesting presentation at the Guardian masterclass on blogging. It was useful and very enjoyable”

    Sheila Rawlings

    “Patrick Dalton’s photos and blog sum up all that’s both grim and hilarious about London. Perfect, darkly comic and clever”

    Satwant B

    “Can strongly recommend @shitlondon’s blogging masterclass if you’re starting out. Top bloke too”

    Smiths Daily

    “If Will Self were mayor of London = @shitlondon”

    Real Day Today

    “Great to hear about the rise and rise of brilliant blog Shit London last night at Guardian Masterclasses. Inspiring night”

    Sarah Myers

    “Interesting , inspiring and fun talk from Shit London at the Guardian Masterclass. Thank you!”

    The Gut Life

    “Patrick Dalton cracking me up at The Guardian Masterclass tonight!”

    A Healthy Agenda

    “Hilarious talk by Patrick Dalton aka @shitlondon on how his blog opened the doors to other things”

    Faith Liversedge

    “It was a pleasure listening to the wonderfully authentic Patrick Dalton tonight”

    Virgina MacGregor

    "We booked him by mistake"

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